Pay Per Click Marketing

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a powerful and quick way to spread awareness of your business and increase the amount of traffic to your website. PPC is an online advertising model where your business is advertised on other websites, including search engines like Google, and you pay a fee every time an internet user clicks on the ad to get to your site.

Pay per click marketing is a quick and affordable way to increase traffic to your website – and the great thing is that you only pay when the ad actually works! Plus, you are in full control of how much to invest and the results are easily measurable to track progress. We can set up an efficient and cost-effective PPC model that works for you. We’ll create the ads, optimize them and handle the budget so you can focus on your business.

Google Adwords is the largest pay per click marketing platform. Since 2004, we have launched and successfully managed hundreds of thousands dollars worth of advertising budgets for small business owners in Canada and United States. Our monthly PPC management price starts from only $225. Contact us today to find out how we can increase your website traffic with PPC marketing.


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