9 SEO Myths Busted by Experts


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a constantly changing landscape. This change is happening from different directions, often without warning.

Of course, many conversations begin to spark as a result of the constant changes in search engine optimization. Some of the commentary is valid and some is simply a myth.


Which are true and which are SEO myths?

  • Is SEO really dead?
  • Is SEO cheap and easy?
  • Is the entire purpose of SEO to get more links?
  • Is your main SEO goal is to rank high on Google?
  • Is it true that Adwords doesn’t help your SEO efforts?
  • Is the new SEO all about social marketing?
  • Do Google algorithm changes drive SEO tactics?


A marketing expert recently published the answers to these questions on the BigCommerce blog.

Read further to learn the truth about the 9 common SEO myths